What you will learn

Let's chat a moment about what you're going to learn with this course and set some context. The objective of this course is teach you two principle concepts: what is Linux and why you'd use it, and how to use a command line. This two concepts I found were big barriers for developers getting started in their careers and I wanted to help demystify that. Throughout my career I've worked with developers who purposefully avoid the command line and I think that's a shame, you can do a lot of things quickly with just a bit of know-how.

So today we'll cover the following:

  • What is Linux
  • What problems Linux solves for you
  • How Linux is generally laid out
  • What the command line is
  • Basic navigation in the command line
  • Common tasks with the command line
  • Some basic customizations

I hope you'll come out the other side of this excited about what the command line and Linux can do for you!