You made it! Congratulations. If you followed everything in this course I would definitely put you in the top 50% of developers who use the shell. Many developers never bother to get this level of depth so for that I want to pat you on the back for taking the time to invest into your tools.

And guess what? Most of what you learned applies outside of just bash and Ubuntu. Nearly everything I taught you will work literally the same in other shells like zsh (the now-default shell for macOS.) I'd say more than half works as-is for Microsoft PowerShell (installed on Windows by default and works on Linux and macOS too.)

Where to go from here

This course is a cursory looking into the bash but there are many directions to go from here. For specifically command line related things, I recommend you take these courses as good follow ups:


Thanks again <3. Your support makes it possible for me to make these courses. Go out and make the world a better place with your new found skills!