13. March 2014

Being Interviewed for Fluent Conf 2014

I had the good fortune of being able to speak at Fluent Conf 2014. While that video is forthcoming, I also had the unique opportunity to be interviewed by Brian McDonald about the JavaScript framework wars. I felt like the interview went really well; it was just a pleasant conversation I had with Brian that happen to be filmed. If you’d like to see, I’ve embedded it below.


17. January 2014

Ski PHP 2014: Let Grunt Tell You Your Code Sucks

This was back in January (2014) when I had the good opportunity to be a co-organizer for the Ski PHP conference in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to helping organize, I also had the opportunity to speak about Grunt.js with a back-end flavor to it. It was a fun 50 minute talk to give. Check it out below.


19. June 2013

Null to Node 2013 Lesson 4

Back in 2013, a good friend of mine, Thom Allen, and I decided to teach a class called Null to Node so that people could learn to code. It was a mild success but it was great for me because I had the the opportunity to speak for several hours to large-ish groups of people. I only took one screencast of those lessons but I’m happy to share it here below. By the way, it’s pretty long and you can’t always here me. I wasn’t wearing a microphone and you can only hear me when I’m next to the computer. Sorry!


28. May 2013

Fluent Conf 2013: Lightning Talk

This was in May of 2013 where I gave my first real talk at a conference. It was an Ignite talk. Ignite, for those who don’t know, is a format where you have 20 slides that rotate automatically every 20 seconds. It’s both a fun and a challenging way to give a presentation. I practiced a lot but that didn’t stop me from being incredibly nervous. It was still a great experience. Check it out below.