This Course Has Been Updated: Complete Introduction to React v4 & the New Intermediate React

The code, website and materials for the new updated courses are always free and open source.

This is a Complete Intro to React! This is the third version of the workshop. It's important we get you on to the right track. If you're just visiting, chances are you want the third, most-recent version of the workshop. Version 3 is an expanded version of Version 2, whereas Version 1 did cover some different material. Check below to see the table of the differences.

If you're here from Frontend Masters, make sure you consult the title of workshop to make sure you're viewing v1, v2, or v3.

Here are the links: v1, v2, and v3.

tech v1 v2 v3
React v0.14.7 v15.3.2 v15.5.4
React Components createClass createClass/ES6 ES6/Function
Webpack v1 v2 v2
React Router v2 v4 Alpha v4 Stable
Testing Mocha, Chai, Sinon Jest Jest
Package Manager NPM Yarn Yarn
ESLint Standard Standard Airbnb
Code Splitting
Code Coverage
Server Side Rendering
React Dev Tools
Redux Dev Tools
Redux Thunks
Snapshot Testing
Redux Autogenereated Tests ✔++
Hot Module Reload
styled-components 💅
React Performance Optimizations